Physical Therapy for the Pelvic Floor

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A strong and healthy pelvic floor helps make many important activities of daily life easy. This is true for women and men. A strong pelvic floor contributes to normal bladder and bowel function. In men and women, it also helps with good sexual function.

Problems with your pelvic floor can show themselves in many ways, including:


Poor or painful sexual function


Incontinence - stress, urge, overflow, or reflex


Post partum




Lower back pain


Chronic constipation

In most cases you won’t feel pain in your pelvic floor. Instead, you’ll notice signs and symptoms like those we listed. Regardless, weakened pelvic floor is often the culprit. Our physical therapists are trained to find the root cause of your pelvic floor issues and treat them.

Treatment for the pelvic floor at React Physical Therapy

At React we know that where it hurts isn’t always why it hurts. The root cause of your pelvic floor pain might be in your pelvic floor, near it, or nowhere near it. How do we know that? Your body is one interconnected machine. Everything is connected to something else. There are no gaps from head to toe. If one area of your body is under optimized, that will ripple and cause pain elsewhere. We find the root cause of your pain and treat it.

We Follow a Three Stage System to treat the pelvic floor

We take all patients through our three stage treatment system:


We do a thorough, body wide assessment to find the root cause of your pain.



We treat with a variety of manual and exercise techniques.



We show you how to move properly so you can stay out of pain.

We make sure we spend enough time at each stage. We don’t skimp stages or slim them.