Lower Body

The squat movement is a huge part of your daily life: standing from a chair, getting something out of the bottom cabinet in your kitchen, or just playing with your kids. The perfect squat is a functional exercise that engages multiple muscle chains in one move. Basically, it's your full-body “bread and butter.”
The simple task of bending over to pick something up can hurt your back if you perform the motion incorrectly. Learning a simple movement pattern called a hip hinge can prevent back pain.
We continue our journey through common running injuries by exploring Achilles tendonitis. This particular injury is the second most common injury experienced by habitual runners.
Clam Plank
Do you feel like your inner thigh/groin muscles are always tightening up when you run or lift? This is sometimes caused
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Are you looking to get a good glute burn but your usual routine is getting boring? Try this glute exercise I
Glutes (1)
Want to get the most out of your glutes? Then practice training in positions that place your hip in end ranges
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