The simple task of bending over to pick something up can hurt your back if you perform the motion incorrectly. Learning a simple movement pattern called a hip hinge can prevent back pain.
Clam Plank
Do you feel like your inner thigh/groin muscles are always tightening up when you run or lift? This is sometimes caused
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A CAR stands for a controlled articular rotation and it is an expression of a joint’s full range of motion in
Hip Airplanes Youtube
In the clinic, we very often see patients with low back or knee problems that stem from poor mobility and strength
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Almost 3/4th of all ACL injuries are non-contact injuries. Athletes performing sports that require a quick change in direction are at
Tight Hips (2)
Are you experiencing tight hips?  Find relief with these 3 stretches: Try this adductor rockback. From a quadruped (on hands and
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