thumbnail_Dynamic knee valgus
Almost 3/4th of all ACL injuries are non-contact injuries. Athletes performing sports that require a quick change in direction are at
Tight Hips (2)
Are you experiencing tight hips?  Find relief with these 3 stretches: Try this adductor rockback. From a quadruped (on hands and
Hip Stretch
A tight and weak hip flexor muscle can be a contributor to low back and hip pain. When they’re tight, they
Hip Hinge
The hip hinge: Arguably one of the most important movements to learn to do well. It’s the “lift with your legs,
Hip Pain (3)
Do you frequently experience pain in the front of your hip? Do you sit for hours at a time throughout the
Deep Neck Flexor Muscle
The majority of people who suffer from neck injuries and/or pain will have some type of weakness or dysfunction within the
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