Physical Therapy for Feet

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Maybe the most difficult part of foot pain is that it’s really hard to rest your feet. You need them to get around and live your life. When foot pain starts, it’s important to recognize it and get it treated right away.

Some common causes of foot pain include:


Poor posture


Walking on the outside or inside of your feet


Your shoes don’t fit well


Your hips or pelvis are out of alignment


You have sunken arches or flat feet


You walk excessively on your heels or toes

Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or other foot pain are especially challenging to treat. This is mainly because it’s commonly believed that the source of foot pain is always in your feet. Sometimes it is, but often it’s not. Our physical therapists are trained to find the root cause of your foot pain no matter where it is on your body.

Treatment for feet at React Physical Therapy

At React we know that where it hurts isn’t always why it hurts. The root cause of your foot pain might be in your foot, near it, or nowhere near it. How do we know that? Your body is one interconnected machine. Everything is connected to something else. There are no gaps from head to toe. If one area of your body is under optimized, that will ripple and cause pain elsewhere. We find the root cause of your pain and treat it.

We Follow a Three Stage System to treat feet

We take all patients through our three stage treatment system:


We do a thorough, body wide assessment to find the root cause of your pain.



We treat with a variety of manual and exercise techniques.



We show you how to move properly so you can stay out of pain.

We make sure we spend enough time at each stage. We don’t skimp stages or slim them.