Back Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Low back pain usually stems from the overuse of other muscle groups, specifically the hamstring, hip flexors, and QL (quadratus lumborum). These overused muscles pull the pelvis and lumbar spine into a position where the muscles that stabilize your hip and pelvis can no longer fire properly.
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Snow can be a pretty sight in the winter, but it can also mean a lot of hard work outside shoveling.
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Mid-back pain can be a common source of pain, especially with poor posture but the importance of strength and mobility of
Tyler Spine Flexion
Spine flexion/bending forward, some fear it but we’re here to tell you it is SAFE to do! “Lifting with a neutral
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Does your back ever hurt after doing a deadlift? Here are some tips we use to reduce the risk of injury!
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In the clinic, we very often see patients with low back or knee problems that stem from poor mobility and strength
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