Upper Body

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Try this spinal segmentation motion to improve your ability to move your spine! It focuses on moving each individual vertebrae all
Tyler Spine Flexion
Spine flexion/bending forward, some fear it but we’re here to tell you it is SAFE to do! “Lifting with a neutral
Ws Banded
Many of us fall victim to poor posture during the workday. Our heads lean forward, our mid back hunches and our shoulders rotate inwards. As a
Mobility IG
Have trouble keeping the bar path vertical during a barbell deadlift? It may be that you are not keeping your lats
Lat Mobility Horizontal
For anyone out there who feels their shoulders are always tight and have a hard time getting into overhead positions, you
The Pectoralis Major and Minor are two muscles at the front of our chests that help move our arms and shoulders.
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