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Unable to perform that TikTok or Instagram workout challenge because it is simply too hard? There are a lot of exercises floating around the internet and social media. Here are some tips and simple modifications you can use to make the exercises easier.
Most anything in life is better shared with a buddy. Running is no exception. Check out the added benefits of running with buddy!
The squat movement is a huge part of your daily life: standing from a chair, getting something out of the bottom cabinet in your kitchen, or just playing with your kids. The perfect squat is a functional exercise that engages multiple muscle chains in one move. Basically, it's your full-body “bread and butter.”
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As simple as running may seem, there’s more to it than putting one foot in front of the other.  Running is
We continue our journey through common running injuries by exploring Achilles tendonitis. This particular injury is the second most common injury experienced by habitual runners.
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One of the most common injuries seen in basketball are ankle sprains. Approximately, 90% of ankle sprains occur on the lateral (outside) aspect of the ankle...
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