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Jump Rope (1)
As the weather turns colder, it’s easy to get stuck in the same, repetitive workout routine which might put you at
Ice Massage
Ice has been used for a long time to help reduce musculoskeletal pain. The application of cold, also known as cryotherapy, is
thumbnail_Dynamic knee valgus
Almost 3/4th of all ACL injuries are non-contact injuries. Athletes performing sports that require a quick change in direction are at
Train with Intention (2)
You likely have heard the terms endurance, strength, and power used before whether it is in the world of sports or
Golf Alignment
As if the golf swing wasn’t already hard enough, your performance and physical health can be impacted before you even start
High Ankle
Jerry Jeudy, Dalvin Cook, we’ve seen a lot of nasty high ankle injuries already this season.  How does a high ankle
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