Physical Therapy for the Back

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Back pain is common. By one estimate almost 25% of all adults in the US experience some kind of back pain. You use your back all the time when you pull, lift, twist, or just try to stand up straight. Any time you don’t use your back properly, or even if you just slouch, you can trigger back pain.

We group back pain into three simple categories:


Upper back pain

can be caused by poor posture, overusing muscles, muscle weakness, a traumatic injury like a car accident, a herniated disc, a pinched nerve, overusing myofascia, and other causes.


Lower back pain

has similar causes to upper back pain.



feels like tingling, numbness or sharp shooting sensation down your legs, but sciatica is a symptom of another cause. The common causes include a slipped or herniated disc, a pinched nerve in your back, a pelvic injury or fracture, and other causes.

While you know how your upper or lower back pain feels, and you know what tingling, numbness or sharp shooting pain feels like in your legs, finding the root cause of back pain isn’t always clear. No matter where your root cause is, we’ll find it.

Treatment for the back at React Physical Therapy

At React we know that where it hurts isn’t always why it hurts. The root cause of your back pain might be in your back, near it, or nowhere near it. How do we know that? Your body is one interconnected machine. Everything is connected to something else. There are no gaps from head to toe. If one area of your body is under optimized, that will ripple and cause pain elsewhere. We find the root cause of your pain and treat it.

We Follow a Three Stage System to treat the back

We take all patients through our three stage treatment system:


We do a thorough, body wide assessment to find the root cause of your pain.



We treat with a variety of manual and exercise techniques.



We show you how to move properly so you can stay out of pain.

We make sure we spend enough time at each stage. We don’t skimp stages or slim them.