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React Physical Therapy is in downtown Deerfield.
We’re accepting new patients and accept many insurance plans.

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710 Robert York Ave.,
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React Physical Therapy offers a unique, whole-body approach to physical therapy unlike other clinics. We care for everyone who wants to enjoy pain free living – from business professionals to students to athletes to seniors to post op patients to anyone who wants to avoid back surgery, neck surgery, knee surgery, shoulder surgery, hip surgery, or any type of exploratory surgery.

Many of our patients live in Northbrook, and we used to be located in TC Boost just across Waukegan Rd from Max and Benny’s. Additionally, we’re proud to be recognized by Better Magazine’s Best Of rankings as the best physical therapy practice in 2021 and best physical therapy practice in 2022 in Chicago and the suburbs. We also made’s rankings of the best physical therapy practices in Chicago.

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Physical Therapy Near Northbrook, IL

You want your body to work with you so you can do what you want. Unfortunately, physical pain makes your body work against you. If the pain persists limitations set in, and now you limit what you think is even possible to do.

Our proprietary physical therapy method, The Reavy Method©, is a science-based whole body approach to recovery. We find the cause of your pain and treat it hands on. During treatment we reevaluate progress to make sure we keep making progress until you feel better.

In addition to The Reavy Method© we also offer other physical therapy techniques and services for individuals in Northbrook, IL including The McKenzie Method, The Maitland Approach, The Mulligan Concept, Postural Restoration Institute Methodologies, ASTYM, Gait and Biomechanics Analysis, Kinesiology Taping, Functional Movement Screens, Selective Functional Movement Assessments, and Ergonomic Assessments.

Man performing dry needling therapy Man performing dry needling therapy

Dry Needling Near Northbrook, IL

Dry needling is a physical therapy technique that helps relieve trigger point pain. Trigger point pain develops by overusing muscles. Trigger points are essentially disorganized muscle fibers. They can feel very tender and cause pain in your body nowhere near the trigger point itself. Our physical therapists for individuals in Northbrook use dry needling in addition to physical therapy techniques to help you use your muscles without overusing them.

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Blood Flow Restriction Near Northbrook, IL

Many of our patients need to work with weights as part of their treatment plan. However, they can’t lift the amount of weight they should to get results. Blood flow restriction solves that. By restricting blood flow to a muscle group in a carefully monitored way, smaller weights “feel heavier” so you can work hard enough to make progress in your therapy. As you see gains in your physical therapy progress we adjust the blood flow restriction until you hit your goals.

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