Reduce Your Risk of Injury: Proper Trap Bar Deadlifts

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Does your back ever hurt after doing a deadlift?

Here are some tips we use to reduce the risk of injury!

As with all exercises, you want to ensure that you engage your core (deep abdominal) muscles. For a proper neutral spine, you will need to sit your hips back into a hinge in order to grab the handles. With a good neutral spine position, you can push through your feet to stand tall while squeezing your glutes and driving through your hips instead of your back.

Video Demonstration of a proper trap bar deadlift

There is a lot more that we will adjust to someone’s form so it is customized to their body. One of the reasons we love to teach this movement at React PT is because it is one of the ways you can safely lift objects from the floor.

If you are unsure about your deadlifting form, or if you simply want to make sure that you keep your back safe while lifting from the floor, schedule a free screen/movement assessment at any of our 5 Chicago, Wilmette, or Deerfield locations.

-Jarrett Hussey and Katie Oliver, Physical Therapy Aides – Wilmette React Physical Therapy