3 Stretches for Tight Hips

Tight Hips (2)

Are you experiencing tight hips?  Find relief with these 3 stretches:

  1. Try this adductor rockback. From a quadruped (on hands and knees) position, extend one leg straight out with the foot flat. Then sit back towards your heel to feel a nice stretch in the inner thigh/groin muscle of the extended leg.
  2. This dynamic hamstring stretch uses the power of contracting your quad to create relaxation in your hamstring, rather than trying to just yank it into submission. The figure 4 position on the opposite leg is a bonus stretch — if this isn’t accessible, you can relax that leg long on the floor. If you can’t reach the back of your thigh, don’t fret! Just grab a towel or a strap to lengthen your arms a little bit.
  3. Walk your dog! This dynamic version of a down dog allows for lengthening through the entire back of the leg and you should feel the stretch in both your hamstring and your calf. If your back is extra rounded, just reset and bend your knees more! It’s not a competition — mobility takes patience and repetition as both the muscles and the nervous system learn to release tone and tension.