Open Letter

I have great gratitude, understanding, and appreciation for the profession of physical therapy.  Now more than ever we have the attention of doctors, patients, and potential patients, who want to do more with less pain or no pain at all. They deserve to challenge the norm to feel better and perform better, whether it is my professional athlete clients, my clients injured via accidents or work, mothers or expecting mothers, or professionals.  We take pride in every patient that has greater body awareness and understands how the kinetic chain works together, every patient that will start to read the warning signs and comes to PT as a first option, instead of only rehab after surgery, every patient that stands straighter or walks stronger or runs without pain or becomes more active because of our work at REACT and our method.
Over the past two years we have taken great pride with the relationships that have been formed with the press. We have taken the time to share our passion and educate Men’s Journal, Prevention, SELF, SHAPE and many more, about the power of PT. They are overwhelmingly engaged in our conversation and want more about the benefits and advancements of PT.
Cellulite certainly wouldn’t be our first choice of topics for TV, but there is always next time to talk about ways to address chronic low back pain that is so prevalent in our society or the importance of the latissimus dorsi in creating proper posture. We enjoy all our interaction with our friends at FOX, as they too are great professionals in their field. When asked about cellulite during our interview, we simply stated what we believe in, that diet and proper exercise may help to avoid, reduce, or prevent the appearance of cellulite and fat when muscles are properly activated.
That being said, there are obviously no magic bullets or things that will guarantee the removal of cellulite, even though our society is always looking for the quick fix. There are no creams, no wraps, no REACT anti-celluite products, camps, or special diets that will provide the cure, just a couple helpful tips from our perspective.
Let’s continue to work together in the PT community to strive for new achievement and success to improve our patients lives and wellbeing.
Feel free to email me directly at with any questions or hot PT topic ideas for the press.