Ankle Sprain Rehab: Part 2

Ankle Sprain 2 (1)
In this continuation from my previous post outlining the potential need for an x-ray after an ankle sprain, I will demonstrate some basic non-weight bearing exercises.
Often times, people have a tough time putting weight through their foot and ankle so it is best to get the joints and muscles moving while also protecting the injured area. It can be easier to start with exercises that don’t require pressure through the foot.

4-way Ankle Series Exercise:

Here is a 4-way ankle series using a resistance band (Watch Exercise Demo). With all these motions, it is important to remember that you can start with a short range of motion and work into larger ranges if your pain does not increase or worsen.
Dorsiflexion (flexing the foot upward)
Plantarflexion (pushing the foot downward)
Eversion (turning your foot up and out)
Inversion (turning your foot down and in)
These exercises and suggestions are a way to get things moving in the right direction but are not intended to replace evaluation and treatment from professionals. If you have experienced an ankle sprain and are experiencing pain, let our trained doctors of physical therapy evaluate and formulate an individualized treatment plan to get you stronger than you were before.
Stay tuned for my next series of exercises to progress ankle sprain rehab.