Easy and Effective At-Home Workout


Setting up a home workout station is an effective and convenient way to get a workout in as we are continuing to see cities across the country in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Here is a guide to help you get a full workout from equipment that’s small enough to store all in one place. Convenience is certainly key when it comes to working out, especially when you need to be your own instructor at home. Even if you live in a cramped apartment, here’s what to get.

Free Weights or Alternatives

If you’re space-constrained, dumbbells are an effective tool you can use to work your arms, back, and abs. However, if you are not ready to make that investment, using water bottles, cans of soup or beans, and/or even jugs of water can all be effective in getting that workout in!

Lacrosse Ball or Foam Roller

A good routine after a workout or after a stressful day of work can be helpful in relieving muscle soreness and even overall muscle tension — a lacrosse ball and/or foam roller can be used on everything from your legs and quads to your hip flexors, glutes, and back.