Chicago Marathon Training Tips from a Physical Therapist

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Chicago Marathon training is upon us, many training plans start this week, and we are so excited! Our mission is to help all of you get to the starting line healthy this season. As a physical therapist, here are some things I’d like you to know as you get started:

Listen to your body

It’s better to adjust a workout or lower your weekly mileage than to push through and end up injured.

We‘d rather see you in the clinic sooner rather than later

If you’re having nagging aches and pains that don’t feel like normal muscle soreness, or if you have a tendency for overuse injuries in the past, get evaluated by a physical therapist now! Prevention is our favorite treatment plan here.

If you wait until things worsen, you’re more likely to require time off running to heal. For many injuries, you don’t actually have to completely stop running during the rehab process.
Some of the changes that help prevent or improve injuries require time (ie. strengthening), so again, don’t wait until a couple of weeks before the race when it’s too late to implement new drills/exercises.

See you out there!

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