Employee Spotlight: Julian De La Rosa


“There are certain people that after you interact with them your day instantly gets better and Julian is one of those people. Whether it’s over the phone or in person, every time I get the chance to interact with Julian it’s always a pleasant experience. He’s always willing to jump in and help out and I’m thankful that our patients get the opportunity to work with him at our West Loop clinic.” – Ashley Honan – React Physical Therapy Director, Business Development

How many years have you been at React PT?

8 months

What is your favorite part of working at React PT?

I personally love the versatility of our exercises, equipment, and regimens. We get very creative here. There’s the opportunity at React PT to work with all kinds of patients. Everyone here is unique and their path to recovery all vary. Overall that variety makes this job more enjoyable for me. 

What is the most common advice you give your patients or what do you wish all of your patients knew/did?

The patient is in charge! With any movement or exercise, I encourage the patient to let me know what they are feeling and if they are comfortable. If they are unhappy with the exercise, feel under-challenged, overworked, or in pain then we need to try something different. Even though we suggest exercises, the patient is the main component of our team. I like to reiterate the message as often as I can.  Also, “Don’t forget to breathe! It’s good for you.”

Professional accomplishments:

I graduated from UIC where I majored in Rehabilitation Sciences, and double minored in Kinesiology and Disability & Human Development. I’ve also been accepted by Rosalind Franklin where I will be starting my DPT program this May. In the upcoming future, I plan to renew my certifications in Mental Health First Aid and CPR. 

What would you be if you weren’t in your current career?

If not for this career and career path, I would definitely be in the arts. I use to make short films growing up which was super fun. Maybe a director or editor. 

Guilty pleasure:

I watch a lot of HGTV with my mom whenever we get the chance. Personally, I get very into Love it or List it. 

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