Tips for a Long Run

Running the Soldier Field 10 Mile tomorrow? React’s running expert Melissa Luety, PT,DPT has some quick tips on how to make your race successful.

Hydration. There’s such a thing as too much.

  • Everyone wants to be hydrated for the big race, but chugging a bunch of water the morning of your race is just going to give you a cramp. Instead, be proactive and start early! The week before the race, make sure you get at least 64 ounces of water a day to ensure that your body is ready to go on the big day.

 Pre-Race Diet

  • There are tons of opinions out there on what to eat before a race. Overall, I think it’s important that you do what works for you and not to change your routine too drastically the day of your race. You don’t want to throw your body off.
  • That said, ten miles is a far enough distance that you really shouldn’t run it on empty stomach. I recommend a small breakfast one-two hours before the race. I like wheat toast with peanut butter or a small bowl of cereal with milk.

 Post-Race Diet

  • After the race you’ll want to have a small snack to refuel, rehydrate, and to help your muscles recover.  Aim for a mix of protein and carbohydrate within 30 minutes.  I always eat a PB&J, fruit and yogurt, or an energy bar.

Expect Soreness.

  • Muscle soreness and a little bit of stiffness just after a big race are completely normal.  After all, you just ran 10 miles. If symptoms do persist past three days or are very severe, call your doctor or physical therapist to get checked out.

Small steps can make a difference in how you feel during and after a long distance run. If you prepare well and listen to your body nothing should stop you from having a great race. Good luck and have fun!
by Melissa Luety, PT, DPT