Maintenance Exercises for a Tight or Weak Hip Flexor

Hip Stretch
A tight and weak hip flexor muscle can be a contributor to low back and hip pain. When they’re tight, they can pull your pelvis into an anterior tilt, and when they’re weak, you may have decreased stability in your low back. Here are some maintenance exercises you can do to help keep pain and stiffness at bay.


◽ Place a lacrosse or tennis ball between your belly button and your hip bone and lie on the ball.
◽ Bend the knee on that side and move your foot side to side.

Strengthen – Hip Flexor March

◽ Loop a band around your feet and perform a steady, controlled march. Keep your hips level throughout the movement.


◽ Get into a half-kneeling position and then lean forward to feel a stretch in the front of the back leg. You do not need to arch your back.

Video Demonstration: