Patient Success Story: Carrie J.


Anthony and his Wilmette team at React PT helped me completely turn my life around. I came to him after living for 7 years with severe nerve damage and debilitating chronic pain caused by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a potentially incurable condition. I had been in and out of programs before but nothing ever helped. Anthony’s systematic, comprehensive, and holistic approach to treatment finally gave me the tools I needed to start to heal.

Carrie’s old recumbent trike.
Carrie’s new upright bike.

This year has been truly transformative and I’m so grateful for Anthony’s work.

In just under a year I went from walking with a crutch and not being able to bear much weight on my leg to going on six-mile hikes in the mountains. My quality of life is higher than I ever thought it could be. Anthony truly listens to me and uses patient-centered care in all our treatments. His encouragement, patience, expertise, and confidence helped put me on a path to full healing and recovery.

Photo of Carrie hiking in North Carolina, Nov. 2021.
“I got rid of the crutch in May and traveled to Vermont to hike mountains in September.”

I have a quality of life that I never thought possible and am so grateful he [Anthony] believed in me and gave me the tools to heal, recover, and rebuild.

-Carrie J.

Wilmette React Physical Therapy patient

Hearing our patients’ success stories never get old.  We are honored to have been a part of Carrie’s journey!  Our patients are at the core of what we do, as every patient has their own story and their own hurdles to overcome. Here at React Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on our personalized care and the dedicated one-on-one attention that all of our patients receive.  You’re stronger than you think, and we’re here to prove it to you.