Reduce Winter Fall Risk: Resistance and Balance Training

Winter Fall (1)
As winter weather approaches, so do hazardous conditions. Snowy sidewalks, icy parking lots, and strong winds are unavoidable here in Chicago. With these hazardous conditions comes a high increase in fall risk for all ages, especially in the elderly.
Fall risk in the elderly is strongly correlated with reduced muscle mass, poor proprioception, and other age-related changes. These changes can be accelerated with a sedentary lifestyle, which is more common in areas like Chicago where the weather can be harsh. Not to mention the challenges we face with the pandemic.

How can you combat these fall risks?

Resistance and balance training! Studies have shown that incorporating comprehensive exercise programs can be effective in preventing falls. At React, our PTs have extensive experience in working with older adults who are at a fall risk.

Do any of these apply to you or a loved one? Have you had a recent fall? Feelings of unsteadiness when leaving your house or going up/downstairs?

Take action now and get evaluated by a physical therapist to determine if you are at risk for a fall! At React, we will perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop a program specific to you and your needs. This can include leg strengthening, core training, dynamic balance training; all of which you will get with 1-on-1 attention from us!
Not comfortable with coming into the clinic just yet? Schedule a virtual telehealth evaluation with us ASAP! We can assess you remotely and work with you to create an exercise program that works for you!