What to Expect With Pelvic Floor PT

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Have you been putting off making an appointment for pelvic floor PT because you’re not sure what to expect? Yes, it may be a little awkward or embarrassing, but let me tell you, it’s not as bad as you would imagine.

So what does the first session look like?

Once the paperwork is complete, we’ll head to a private treatment room. We’ll spend some time discussing the symptoms you have been experiencing, covering the topics of how long you’ve been having symptoms, the severity of symptoms, and other things that may be contributing to your symptoms.
Once the subjective information is gathered, we begin the examination. First, we’ll see how you’re moving overall: back mobility, hip mobility, etc. We’ll check your hip strength and abdominal strength. Then we will discuss the pelvic floor assessment.
I never push a pelvic floor assessment on the first day. I like to think of the first session as a first date with getting to know each other in order to make the environment as comfortable as possible. More often than not, we’ll do a pelvic floor assessment at the second visit, but if you feel comfortable it can be completed at the first visit. If you don’t feel comfortable doing the assessment on the first day, don’t worry! There are other deficits that can be addressed by starting off with a few simple exercises, releases, or even just talking through a few techniques to improve your symptoms right off the bat. It’s not totally necessary to do the full assessment right away, so no pressure!
See?! It’s not so bad sounding! Still, feeling nervous? Feel free to reach out so that I can help you address any specific concerns you may have, you can reach me at our Lakeshore East location!