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Have you ever tweaked your back when all you did was bend down? Or feel your knee give out even though…

Three Tips to Fight the Effects of Sitting

Picture your day.

If you commute to and from work by car you are most likely sitting. If you have an office job, you likely sit in front of a computer. If you are a student, you sit in the classroom. And it’s not just during the day. When you get home you probably sit to eat dinner and then head to your comfy couch to, once again, SIT and watch your favorite television show. Before you know it, it’s bedtime and this routine start all over again the next morning.

6 Stretches to Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Low back pain usually stems from the overuse of other muscle groups, specifically the hamstring, hip flexors, and QL (quadratus lumborum). These overused muscles pull the pelvis and lumbar spine into a position where the muscles that stabilize your hip and pelvis can no longer fire properly.

Step up your cat-cow game

Try this spinal segmentation motion to improve your ability to move your spine! It focuses on moving each individual vertebrae all

Biomechanical Insights: Knee

Most people don’t realize that there’s rotation to the shin bone on the thigh bone. This is one of the things that we look at when we’re assessing how your leg moves because it’s really important for doing motions like squatting, standing up from a chair, going up and down the stairs. Assessing this joint mobility of rotation is really important and it can make an impact on your biomechanics at the hip and the ankles so it’s really important to look at this aspect of the knee in addition to how well it straightens and bends.

Blood Flow Restriction

What is BFR? Blood flow restriction training involves the application of a pneumatic tourniquet to the muscle that is being trained.…